Setting Real Estate Record Breaking Milestones

Brentwood Main Entrance Lobby

Elaine Lopez under REALTYONEGROUP has just taken her latest listing from List to Sold to Escrow in a record setting 7 days. Elaine’s impeccable professionalism and dedication is equally shared with 2M Corporation with all of our Western Regional real estate transaction assignments.

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In the News

Carson Tahoe Medical Office

POTENTIAL HOTEL DEVELOPMENT OF MAIN STREET LOCATION IN PATERSON, NEW JERSEY Choice Hotels International, a Maryland-based company, is proud to support feasibility due diligence for a hospitality development in Paterson, New Jersey in collaboration with the 2M Corporation.

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Aircondition Room

As a real estate developer 2M envisions learning as a continuous process. We believe that our leadership begins with the “Two-Step Communication” theory that emphasizes “didactic incubation” of new ideas, innovations and products while serving as a “reinforcement agent” of evidence-based best practices. We continually promote analyses of the economic benefits of strategic business modeling as a form of plan execution,…

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Community Mitigation Strategy

General Contracting Project

Covid Guidance for Contractors When a novel virus with pandemic potential emerges, nonpharmaceutical interventions, which will be called community mitigation strategies in this document, often are the most readily available interventions to help slow transmission of the virus in communities. See 2M Library for full statement, this site.

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