Navigate Land Entitlement Processes With Our Experts

At 2M Corporation, we assist in the speedy and comprehensive preparation of our clients’ entitlement needs. Our goal is to help your team clarify the objectives and strategies for the project, so we can ensure a smooth approval process.

Gaining Community Support and Endorsement

Consider Local Regulations

Showing that you understand and meet the community’s land-use policies and requirements is a great first step to gaining project approval. Sharing your vision for the venture’s expected outcomes in terms of its uses and benefits to the community can also help in securing your permits.

Detail Your Design Plans

Projects have a higher chance of getting approved if they use fit-for-purpose and evidence-based designs. For builders proposing higher density and intensity developments, incorporating efficient components with respect to the following can also help:

  • Allowable Density
  • Mandated Materials
  • Impact of Orientation

Negotiate Terms for Approval

Impact fees and conditions for approval should be carefully understood and negotiated. With the use of appropriate tools and programs, your team should be able to design strategies that make the development more appealing to the local government and community.

Comprehensive Support Services

  • Impact Studies
  • Needs Assessments
  • Planning vs. Entitlement Assessments
  • Process Identification
  • Procurement Assistance

Entitlement Steps and Phases


We design strategies focused on achieving our clients’ targets. These include plans for the optimal use of real estate, enhanced staff recruitment and retention, as well as the direction of corporate objectives.

For specific plan development, we focus on mitigating the following:

  • Site and Soil Conditions
  • Environmental Research
  • Uses of Surrounding Land
  • Metes and Boundaries
  • Area and Access
  • Ownership and Easements
  • Overall Design Concepts
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FFE) Procurement Oversight

We also help clients in formulating tailor-fit plans of action for the following:

  • Debt and Equity
  • Market Sales and Competition
  • Rental Rate Realities

Our Services

  • Capital and Portfolio Strategies
  • Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Master and Specific Plans
  • Real Estate Enhancement Advisory

Development or Construction

We offer seamless program and construction management. To ensure the success of each venture, we do the following:

  • Ensure Proper Use of Project Finances
  • Keep Development at or Under Budget
  • Manage Multiple Contractors and/or Consultants
  • Watch Cost Increases

Construction or Development Services

  • Program and Project Management
  • Timeline, Assessments, and Strategies Creation
  • Document Development, Evaluation, and Processing
  • Construction Management, Execution, and Oversight
  • Commissioning and Close-out Management

Strict Management Procedures

Our specialty is in meeting strict schedule and budget requirements. To ensure this, we communicate information efficiently, hire licensed and bonded professionals, and secure project insurance. We also draft and manage contracts that clarify the responsibilities of all parties. This way, we can avoid any unnecessary financial or legal complications.

Enterprise Distribution

As project developers, we control how our clients’ goods are delivered. Our team proactively assists in the identification, selection, and development of profitable products. We also help in defining price points as well as developing and implementing promotional strategies.

Finding Distribution Channels

We establish and maintain efficient distribution channels for our clients’ goods. Our experts also manage payment processes, ensuring smooth, safe, and hassle-free policies for both vendors and customers.

Securing a Virtual Warehouse

We find well-maintained facilities to be used for the receipt, temporary storage, and redistribution of our vendors’ goods. Our professionals choose locations that are convenient to the delivery point as well as our esteemed suppliers, so merchants can meet sensitive delivery requests more efficiently.

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