Dr. Rachel Boveja, PhD


Dr. Rachel Boveja, PhD Biography 

As a resident of Bloomington, Indiana; Rachel considers herself a global citizen with American roots. She was born in Indianapolis, raised in Southern California and Indiana, and has lived abroad. Born into a diverse family and playing various roles throughout the community, Rachel has always prized bringing the community together through diplomacy and authentic understanding. 

Community Work

Rachel has served in a myriad of community positions while currently sustaining past and current relationships. She served as a two-term AmeriCorps member in the role of mentoring young girls in holistic health and education; now as an alumni representative. She served on the School of Public Health Diversity and Inclusion Committee as the graduate student representative tasked with ensuring that current courses were upholding the diversity curriculum initiatives needed for accreditation. A fond love of history and art, Rachel has been involved with several museums across the country as a docent as well as educator of cultural history. Rachel is an Indiana University Alumni Association Life Member with an active participation in the alumni events provided throughout the world. 

Currently, Rachel serves on the board of the Bloomington Refugee Support Network as the Health and Medical Liaison. She is the Global Relations Director in Bloomington for the Hult Prize Foundation in Partnership with the United Nations. Rachel is also a participant in the FBI Citizens Academy; a role that allows her to help strengthen the diplomatic relationship between the nations law enforcement and the US community. Consulted throughout the community for her expertise in wellness policy development and evaluation, she continues to provide services as a Global Health Consultant and Certified Personal Coach through the platform of her company, Brazindia LLC. Rachel’s health diplomacy work includes consultations throughout the United States as well as in Peru, Egypt, Italy, and Greece. A believer in education and mentorship, Rachel also continues to mentor young professionals throughout the community. 

Current Position & Future Plans

Rachel has completed her PhD in the department of Applied Health Science in the School of Public Health in Bloomington, Indiana. Her research interests are in cultural health and medicine, education, global studies, community wellness, and diplomacy. Rachel’s doctoral research highlights the inclusion of refugee perceptions and experiences in the development of national and international refugee health education materials and training. 

In the future, Rachel looks forward to international community work in holistic health and cultural diplomacy. She will work with international healthcare professionals by providing cultural competency training for the purpose of adequately serving our diverse populations. She will work within higher education for the purpose of developing programs which will highlight the impact of providing holistic education and wellness initiatives to students pursuing post graduate degrees with the hope of entering the workforce as well-rounded citizens. Rachel will also continue her scientific research in health diplomacy with the goal of staying current on the subject of wellness issues around the world.